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About Us

The Marine Environmental Observation, Prediction and Response Network (MEOPAR) is a federally-funded Network of Centres of Excellence (NCE).

Established in 2012, MEOPAR funds research, trains highly-qualified personnel, develops strategic partnerships, and works to support knowledge mobilization in marine challenges and opportunities for the benefit of the Canadian economy and society. 

An independent not-for-profit, MEOPAR funds research, trains students, mobilizes knowledge and communicates results in the area of marine risk and resilience.

In its first Cycle (2012-2017), MEOPAR established organizational and network structures and programs; built new tools and cores for observation, prediction and response; created expert capacity; and developed new partnerships.

In March of 2017, the federal government announced that MEOPAR would receive funding for an additional cycle (2017-2022).

In Cycle II, MEOPAR is building on our first Cycle through meaningful research with a potential for real-world impact. We are working to create and develop our programming in the areas of training, research and knowledge mobilization; strengthen our national and international partnerships; and increase our Network’s capacity in marine risk and resilience.


What We Do