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Board of Directors

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    Dr. Pierre Baril

    The Office of Public Hearings on the Environment
    Government of Québec

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    Mr. Glenn Blackwood

    Memorial University (Marine Institute)

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    Ms. Amanda Dean

    Vice-President, Atlantic
    Insurance Bureau of Canada

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    Dr. Ariane Plourde

    Institut des sciences de la mer (ISMER)
    Université du Québec à Rimouski

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    Dr. Rachael Scarth

    Associate Vice President - Research Operations
    University of Victoria

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    Mr. Scott Tessier

    Chair and CEO
    Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board

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    Dr. Doug Wallace

    Scientific Director

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    Dr. Wendy Watson-Wright

    Chief Executive Officer
    Ocean Frontier Institute

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    Stefan Leslie

    Executive Director

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    Dr. Ronald Pelot

    (Observer) Associate Scientific Director

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    Mr. Dale Reding

    [Non-Voting Member]
    Director, General Science and Technology, Air Force and Navy
    Defence Research & Development Canada

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    Dr. Tia Moffat

    (Observer) Senior Program Manager
    Networks of Centres of Excellence

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    Dr. Alice Aiken

    Vice-President, Research
    Dalhousie University

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    Dr. Karen Dodds

    (Board Chair)
    Former Assistant Deputy Minister, Science & Technology Branch
    Environment and Climate Change Canada

  • Ms. Angie Gillis

    Senior Director
    The Confederacy of Mainland Mi'kmaw
    Mi'kmaw Conservation Group

  • Mr. Darrell Hasiuk

    Managing Director
    Ulnooweg Financial Education Centre