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Ocean Acidification Coordinating Committee (OACC)

The OACC coordinates MEOPAR’s efforts in the area of ocean acidification research, with the ultimate goal of establishing a Canadian ocean acidification research network.

The basic elements include:

  1. Building on existing resources, establishment of an observing network to develop a ‘climatology’ (variability in space and time) of the carbonate system (in particular pH and pCO2) in key areas of Canadian waters and to identify the controlling oceanographic mechanisms.
  2. Identification of key species (and ecosystems) at risk, especially as they relate to the economic, cultural and social wellbeing of communities and industries in different regions of Canadian coastal waters that are currently dependent on these species/ecosystems.
  3. A strong collaboration with Fisheries and Oceans Canada, with both the science and management/policy sectors.
  4. Development of predictive tools to provide information on probable trends in the carbonate system and on probable and potential impacts on economically and culturally important marine ecosystems over the next few decades.