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Posts from July 2015

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    MEOPAR / exactEarth AIS Workshop

    AIS: Applications, Analysis and Data Management Techniques Better Decision Making Through Ship Tracking and Modelling Read More >

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    Studies Suggest Right Whales May Abandon Protected Feeding Habitats in Search of Food

    The Roseway and Grand Manan basins on the Scotian Shelf are protected feeding habitats for North Atlantic right whales, but new research suggests that these endangered animals have started travelling elsewhere in search of food. Dalhousie post-doctoral fellow Dr. Kimberley Davies (inset picture, below) and a team of researchers funded in part by the Marine Environmental Observation Prediction and Response Network (MEOPAR) published two new studies that show strong interannual variation in the number of whales that can be found in these protected areas in a given year. Read More >