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Posts from October 2016

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    MEOPAR research presents new conceptual model for evaluating ecosystem health

    A recent publication by MEOPAR early-career investigator Dr. Philip Loring and colleagues at the University of Saskatchewan presents a new conceptual model for evaluating ecosystem health in which human well-being is an indicator, and argues that human well-being and ecosystem health are reciprocally linked. Loring’s team is using the model to examine coastal communities’ relationships with the marine environment to improve both ecological and social sustainability. Read More >

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    Learning International Approaches to Interdisciplinary Research In Brazil

    This August, Doctoral student Travis Tai (University of British Columbia) was supported by MEOPAR’s training program to participate in the fifth biennial Integrated Marine Biogeochemistry and Ecosystem Research (IMBER) summer school, in Natal, Brazil. The summer school’s dual focus on interdisciplinary research methods and connecting researchers from around the world provided Tai an opportunity beneficial to his MEOPAR-funded research on the impacts of changing fisheries on Canadian coastal communities. Read More >

  • Mass seabird die-off an opportunity for plastic ingestion research

    A new study by MEOPAR researchers and colleagues found no causative link between ingested marine plastics and ulcerations or lacerations of the digestive tracks of almost 200 dovekies (sea birds) that perished in a storm of the coast of Newfoundland in 2013. Read More >