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MEOPAR Launches New “Response Core” With Six Core Activities

The Marine Environmental Observation Prediction and Response Network (MEOPAR) is pleased to announce six new research activities that will comprise the Network’s new “Response Core”.

MEOPAR’s research program operates through two streams of activity. 

  • Research projects are predominantly large, integrated projects involving a team of multiple investigators and HQP working to address a specific question or issue.  These projects are broken into two themes based on the timescale of the research topic. 
  • Research Cores involve activities that provide crosscutting technical and scientific support to multiple research projects.

The new Response Core will support projects seeking to do more on response.  In the context of MEOPAR, response refers to the development of solutions to address the likelihood and/or consequences of marine-related hazards.  The scope thus includes but is much broader than the traditional concept of emergency response – it also encompasses investigations of vulnerability, preparedness, consequence analysis, prevention, mitigation, resilience, recovery, community planning, policy and regulation.

The six new Response Core activities funded through this initiative include:

In addition to investigating a specific research question(s), each of these activities will build response capacity both from an academic knowledge perspective and a response planning perspective.  The investigators and HQP involved in the activities will also provide response research and planning support to MEOPAR research projects that are exploring opportunities to build response planning/evaluation into their research work.

We are delighted to welcome the new core activities, investigators, and HQP to the MEOPAR Network.

Detailed descriptions of each project will be added to the MEOPAR website in the coming weeks.  In the interim, please contact MEOPAR Communications Manager Janet Stalker (janet.stalker@meopar.ca) with questions or for more information.