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MEOPAR partners with organizations in two ways:

1. At the Network level, through partnered Calls for Proposals, workshops, Expert Fora, and special events;

2. At the Project level, through active collaborations with investigators, in-kind contributions of equipment, sharing of facilities, or provision of data.

We welcome the opportunity to partner with other Networks, industry, government and other organizations. The following are some of the opportunities available: 

Research Partnerships

MEOPAR is keen to partner on research projects related to our mandate. Partner involvement may include cash contributions, active research collaborations, or in-kind contributions such as equipment donation, equipment use, data provision or sharing of facilities.

Knowledge Mobilization Partnerships

MEOPAR works to mobilize the knowledge gained through research to provide value for Canadians. Partner involvement may include collaborating with MEOPAR researchers to solve a particular industry problem, finding real-world applications for research results, commercializing products and applications developed as a result of MEOPAR projects, or transfering knowledge and technology to end users.  

Training Partnerships

Our highly qualified personnel participate in MEOPAR training in order to prepare them for successful careers, whether within or outside of academia. Employer tours, mentorships and connections help to equip students for the next steps in their careers, while also ensuring that employers have access to a well-trained and qualified workforce. Visit our Training Program page to find out more about ongoing training initiatives.


MEOPAR regularly holds events to bring together Network researchers, partners, policy makers, industry and relevant communities. Partners may wish to participate in events such as workshops and Expert Fora through cash or in-kind contributions, participating in the events as attendees, or contributing expertise through presentations and panel discussions. As an example, view highlights of MEOPAR's Ocean Acidification Expert Forum. 

Every year, MEOPAR hosts an Annual Scientific Meeting to bring together researchers from across the Network. This meeting, held in a different Canadian city each year, hosts approximately 150 attendees in addition to panelists, staff and partners. Sponsors of the event or the evening reception receive program recognition, logo placement on materials, speaking opportunities, and other recognition where appropriate. 

MEOPAR also hosts an Annual Training Meeting, usually in conjunction with the Annual Scientific Meeting. Partner involvement includes participation on panels, sponsoring the poster competition or evening reception, and employer tours to introduce our highly qualified personnel to future career options. 


To find out more about these or other potential partner opportunities, please contact us at info@meopar.ca

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