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Recap: Ocean Data Management Expert Forum

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This international forum brought together organizations that collect and manage ocean observation data with the aim of sharing best practices, identifying research gaps in Canada, and exploring a way forward for data management with a coordinated Canadian ocean observing system.

MEOPAR's Ocean Data Management Expert Forum attracted over fifty participants from across government, academia, and industry. In addition, international speakers from Europe and the United States presented on their experiences in ocean data management. Follow up actions include a white paper and a second ocean data management meeting in collaboration with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans to take place in 2016.



  1. Review international oceans data management best practices, and evaluate their relevance to Canada’s situation
  2. Identify and discuss open questions regarding ocean data management practice and research, and prioritize addressing these gaps
  3. Establish a way forward for data management with a coordinated Canadian ocean observation system

Topics of interest for this conference included: learning from integrated /coordinated ocean observation systems in other regions; data management training; managing the ocean data management lifecycle; user requirements for ocean data; ocean data management case studies and best practices; ocean metadata standards; and data requirements for a coordinated ocean observation system. 

The goals and topics of interest were developed in consultation with the Community of Practice on Ocean Data Management, which was established at the 2014 MEOPAR Ocean Data Management workshop. Members include representatives from Ocean Tracking Network (OTN), SmartAtlantic/Marine Institute (MI), Ocean Networks Canada (ONC), COINAtlantic, DFO, the Polar Data Catalogue, and the St. Lawrence Global Observatory (SLGO).





To view the Twitter discussion about the Expert Forum, check out #OceanDataMgmt



  • Doug Wallace (Scientific Director, MEOPAR)
  • Mike Smit (School of Information Management, Dalhousie University)
  • Derrick Snowden (Chief of the Operations and Communications Division, IOOS)
  • Emilio Mayorga (Data Management Lead, NANOOS)
  • Christoph Waldmann (CMOVE Project Manager, MARUM)
  • Jan-Bart Calewaert (Head of the EMODnet Secretariat)
  • Chuck Humphrey (Director, Portage Research Data Management Network)
  • Stan Matwin (Director, Institute for Big Data Analytics, Dalhousie University)
  • Jonathan Ferland (Director of Information Security, Compute Canada)
  • Kian Fadaie (National Director of Hydrography and Director of the Law of the Sea at the Canadian Hydrographic Service, Fisheries and Oceans Canada)
  • Keith Lennon (Director of Oceanography and Science Data Management, Fisheries and Oceans Canada)



  • Mathieu Ouellet (Senior Technical & Policy Advisor on Oceanographic Data Management, Integrated Science Data Management, Fisheries and Oceans Canada)
  • Claude Tremblay (Executive Director, St. Lawrence Global Observatory)
  • Andrew Sherin (Director, COINAtlantic / ACZISC)
  • Benoit Pirenne (Director, User Engagement, Ocean Networks Canada)
  • Bill Carter (Assistant Director, Smart Atlantic)
  • Julie Friddell (Science Manager, Polar Data Catalogue; Associate Director, Canadian Cryospheric Information Network)
  • Lenore Bajona (Director of Data Management, Ocean Tracking Network)
  • Community of Practice 2015 Summer Student Presentations



  • U.S. Interagency Ocean Observation Committee Website (scroll to bottom for list of reports)  --> Link to Webpage
  • Development Plan for the U.S. Integrated Ocean Observing System (2006) --> Link to PDF

When Wednesday, November 18, 2015 - Thursday, November 19, 2015

Where The Fairmont Queen Elizabeth, Montreal, QC