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In Cycle II, MEOPAR is building on our first Cycle through meaningful research with a potential for real-world impact.

Our programs work to support MEOPAR's mission through targeted, strategic investment in research, workforce training, and knowledge mobilization. 

Our research program funds new world-class research that contributes to the scientific body of knowledge in marine risk and resilience, improving Canada's ability to observe, predict and respond to marine issues now and in the future.

Our training program trains highly qualified personnel (HQP) with multiple skills in the broad range of disciplines relevant to anticipating and dealing with risk in the marine environment to develop the next generation of marine researchers in the sciences and social sciences.

Our knowledge mobilization program supports projects with the potential for real-world impact, bringing the results of our research to the partners and communities who can use it. 

MEOPAR is also working closely with government agencies, industry and international partners to develop new mechanisms to share expertise, data, infrastructure, and approaches relevant to anticipating and responding effectively to marine emergencies. 

We are working to create and develop our programming to meet the needs of our Network; strengthen our national and international partnerships; and increase our Network’s capacity in marine risk and resilience. 

To read more about MEOPAR's programs, please follow the links below. 

Research Program

Training Program

Knowledge Mobilization Program