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Other Training Opportunities

Other Training Opportunities

The following training opportunities are not affiliated with MEOPAR. Please contact the relevant organization for details. 


Mitacs Training Workshops

Mitacs Training (formerly Mitacs Step) workshops give you the skills you’ll need in your career. Taught by professionals, they’re valued at hundreds of dollars but are no cost to you.

The training curriculum is designed to build competencies in four key areas that are recognized as vital to professional success. Each workshop addresses one or more of the following competencies:

  • Leadership & Management
  • Communication & Relationship Building
  • Personal & Professional Management
  • Entrepreneurialism


Entrepreneurship 101

MaRS’ Entrepreneurship 101 (E101) free online course equips you with the skills you need to launch a successful startup. Learn how to create opportunities, find smart creative solutions and move fast. Staying ahead of the marketplace takes bold ideas and strong execution. E101 will help you turn your startup idea into reality.


For graduate students and postdoctoral fellows at Dalhousie University or universities in Ontario:


MyGradSkills.ca is a resource for Dalhousie university and Ontario graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to enhance the professional skills so that they can succeed during their studies and research, and in a range of career paths. MyGradSkills.ca provides self-paced, online modules on a range of #GradProSkills topics, including teaching & learning, to career development, to community engagement, to entrepreneurship, and much more.


For graduate students at the University of Calgary:

The Versatile PhD

The Versatile PhD is an online resource to help you identify, prepare for, and succeed in careers outside of academia. University of Calgary graduate students, faculty, staff, and alumni have free access to premium Versatile PhD resources.