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Training Funding and Initiatives

MEOPAR offers HQPs support and funding for career development and learning opportunities. Read on below for more details.


MEOPAR Training Awards

MEOPAR Training Awards fund highly-qualified personnel (HQP) in the MEOPAR Network to pursue unique, value-added training opportunities outside of their projects. Training opportunities are identified by HQP to help further their careers. Awards are open to all HQP working on a MEOPAR-funded project; HQP who are affiliate members of MEOPAR are also eligible to apply. To ensure fair access to the fund, each HQP will be eligible to receive the award once per year. 

Award winners receive funding to cover 60% of the cost of their training and travel expenses, up to $2,500. HQP and their supervisors are responsible for finding matching funds to cover the remaining 40% of the costs. 

The purpose of the Training Awards is to fund training that complements (rather than duplicates) training available through the HQP’s university program and research project. Training in interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research, knowledge mobilization, science communication, leadership, project management, and technical topics are prioritized.  Previous training opportunities supported through the fund include:

  • European Space Agency Cryosphere Remote Sensing Training Course
  • International Surface Ocean - Lower Atmosphere Study (SOLAS) Summer School
  • Norwegian Scientific Academy for Polar Research (NVP) Summer School on the Arctic Ocean and the Marginal Ice Zone
  • Slocum Glider Training at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Applications for funding to present at a conference will only be considered if the applicant can demonstrate that the experience includes a training or experiential learning component (e.g., attendance at a pre-conference workshop; chairing or organizing a conference session). 

Calls for applications are held three times a year, in January, May, and September. 

To apply, download the application documents:

Training Award Instructions 

Training Award Application

Training Award Budget Template

Please submit the application documents to Laura Avery. The next deadline to apply is September 30, 2019.


Training Workshops Funding

Canadian organizations, students, and researchers are invited to apply for funding of up to $20,000 to organize and host training workshops for students, community members, and/or early-career marine researchers.

Please note the following requirements:

  • Faculty associated with an application must be eligible to receive tri-council funding.
  • Students and Highly-Qualified Personnel (HQP) who apply must have the support of their supervisor. Their supervisor must agree to open a university research account to receive the funds.
  • Organizations and community groups who apply must have the support of a faculty member at a Canadian post-secondary institution. The faculty member must agree to open a university research account to receive the funds. 
  • Fifty percent of the funding will be awarded to the associated faculty member before the workshop; the remaining 50% will be granted upon receipt of a workshop evaluation report. 
  • The funding call is open for 2019-20 and proposals will be considered as they are received. We expect to fund a minimum of two training workshops per fiscal year. 

To be eligible for funding, workshops must have a clear focus ontraining and capacity-building and must advance MEOPAR’s Strategic Plan. The content must fit within one or more of the following themes: Ocean Observation; Forecasting and Prediction; Coastal Resilience; Marine Operations/Transportation; and Skills Development for Early-Career Marine Researchers.

Click here to download the application form.

Please contact Laura Avery for details. 


Research Internships and Visiting Fellowships

MEOPeers are encouraged to apply for funding to participate in self-arranged or supervisor-arranged research internships, visiting fellowships or lab exchanges.

Application Form

Budget Template

MEOPeers are also encouraged to apply for internships through Mitacs


Career Mentoring Program (CMP)

MEOPAR’s Career Mentoring Program matches Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP) with mentors who are professionals working in the fields of marine risk and resilience. The program is modeled after the University of Alberta's Graduate Student Career Mentoring Program (GSCMP).

Mentors provide their mentees with advice, support and strategies that will promote progress and success in the mentees' future careers. In turn, mentees work to achieve their goals in a low-risk environment under the guidance of their mentor.

The Career Mentoring Program is open to all HQP. The program commitment for both mentors and mentees is a minimum of one hour per month for six months.

Click here to download the application form to apply as a mentee

Applications are being accepted throughout the year. 


Employer Connectors

MEOPAR introduced the Employer Connector program in 2015. We organize tours where groups of MEOPeers visit the workplaces of non-academic partners/potential employers, network with hiring managers, and gain insight on potential post-graduation job prospects. Past participating employers include AMEC Foster Wheeler and the Canadian Hurricane Centre at Environment and Climate Change Canada.

Contact Laura Avery for more information or to nominate an organization for a future Employer Connector event.


Webinar Series

MEOPAR offers regular, free webinars on various subjects related to our Network and its training programming. To sign up for our next webinar, visit the webinars page


Postdoctoral Fellowship Award

In 2019/20, MEOPAR expects to offer up to three Postdoctoral Fellowship Awards. The purpose of these awards is to bring new postdoctoral fellows into the network to connect them with MEOPAR-funded researchers and HQP. Proposed research activities that would be supported by an Award must address MEOPAR’s organizational objective (To connect partners, resources and expertise to prepare for risks and take advantage of opportunities in the changing marine environment), and must be linked to one of MEOPAR’s four challenge areas: Ocean Observation; Forecasting/Projection; Coastal Resilience; and Marine Operations/Transportation. Refer to MEOPAR’s Strategic Plan for more information.

Awards will supplement existing funding support awarded to promising new scholars. To be considered for a MEOPAR Postdoctoral Fellowship Award, funding applicants must:

Receive a base level of financial support ($45,000) from additional sources: home department, supervisor research grants, and/or through government and agency scholarships or awards;
Demonstrate support from their supervisor for their work and their proposed use of the award funds;
Participate full‐time in their respective program at a Canadian post-secondary institution that is eligible for Tri-Council funding; and
Engage in research aligned with the strategic plan of MEOPAR.

Because the purpose of these awards is to bring new postdoctoral fellows into the network, PDFs who are currently supported financially from a MEOPAR research project or Core are ineligible to apply to this competition. Please contact Laura Avery for questions on eligibility restrictions.

This competition is now closed.