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Request for Proposals: Canadian Integrated Ocean Observing System


DEADLINE: June 7, 2018 at 4PM Atlantic. Submit as a PDF to Alexa Reedman at alexa.reedman@meopar.ca
All interested applicants must contact Alexa Reedman before submitting their proposal.

A Canadian Integrated Ocean Observing System, built through a public, private and academic partnership, will bring together and leverage existing Canadian and International ocean observation data/programs/projects. It will generate value-added data products on an open web-based platform that maximizes utility to end-users, and provide timely access to a broad range of environmental information.

This Request relates to the initial two year pilot phase as the basis for establishing a sustained national approach.


  • Request for Proposals Instructions EnglishFrançais
  • Budget and In-Kind Template (will be uploaded later in May 2018)


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Proponents with inquiries regarding the Request for Proposals are encouraged to contact Alexa Reedman. Questions will be uploaded below as they come in.