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Past Calls for Proposals

YEAR OF POLAR PREDICTION (Applications closed Mar. 6, 2017)

MEOPAR, in partnership with Polar Knowledge Canada (POLAR) and the Arctic Research Foundation (ARF), accepted proposals for research activities that will strengthen Canadian participation in the international Year of Polar Prediction (YOPP). YOPP is an initiative of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) that seeks to “enable a significant improvement in environmental prediction capabilities for the polar regions and beyond, by coordinating a period of intensive observing, modeling, verification, user-engagement and education activities”.



5TH CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Response Research Grant Program (Applications closed Oct.16, 2015)

Following the success of our Observation and Prediction Cores, MEOPAR issued a call for porposals to fund projects to expand research capacity in our Response Core. This call aimed to support social science investigations and strengthen the integration of social science and natural science research within the Network.  Proposals were required to have practical goals with clear evidence of end-user involvement in the identification of the research topic to be addressed and the formulation, support and conduct of the research itself.  They must also closely align with MEOPAR’s strategic plan and research focus on marine risk and response. Research partnerships, new initiatives, and postdoctoral fellowships were considered.

MEOPAR’s use of the term ‘response’ is broader than ‘emergency response’ and refers to aspects such as decision-making, solutions and impacts. The scope of the call encompassed investigations of vulnerability, preparedness, consequence analysis, prevention, mitigation, resilience, recovery, community planning, policy, and regulation.



4TH CALL FOR PROPOSALS:  Open Call in Partnership with Irving Shipbuilding  (Applications closed August 23, 2015)

In June 2015, MEOPAR called on researchers across Canada to submit a proposal for our Fourth Call for Research Proposals. Irving Shipbuilding generously contributed $1 million of this $1.5 million call, which will fund a number of multi-year projects that align with MEOPAR’s overall goal of improving Canada’s ability to observe, predict, and respond to marine hazards.  Applicants were encouraged to submit project proposals to develop and/or apply new technologies or approaches to advance environmental observation, safe operations and/or emergency response on Canada’s coasts.



3RD CALL FOR PROPOSALS:  Early-Career Faculty Development Program  (Applications closed December, 2014)

In December 2014, MEOPAR announced that 12 new Early-Career Faculty Development researchers were joining our national network. With a budget of $1.2 million, this program provided funding for early-career (within five years of appointment) tenure-track professors at Canadian universities. Priority was for topics that link natural sciences results with socioeconomic impacts and/or policy and regulation. Researchers could receive up to $100K for 2 years. 



2ND CALL FOR PROPOSALS:  Open Call for Proposals (Applications closed April 28, 2014)

MEOPAR announced its 2nd Open Call for Proposals in the spring of 2014.  Over $3.5 million was awarded through this call in support of seven new projects.  Collectively, these projects involve 18 Primary Investigators and Co-Investigators from 8 universities across Canada.



1st CALL FOR PROPOSALS:  Open Call for Proposals (2012)

MEOPAR's first call for proposals involved the recruitment of projects for MEOPAR's initial funding proposal to the Networks of Centres of Excellence program.  The call resulted in four large, integrated projects and support for 13 research core activities.