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Building a Network of Fixed Coastal Observing and Forecast Systems

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    Dr. Susan Allen University of British Columbia

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    Jinyu Sheng Dalhousie University

Building the basis for an integrated observation and prediction system for Halifax Harbour, NS and the southern Strait of Georgia, BC.

The important achievements of this project include:

  1. development of an operational data-assimilative coastal ocean now-cast and short-term forecast system for predicting physical marine conditions in Halifax Harbour and approaches 
  2. constructions of a webpage for browsing and downloading forecast products
  3. better knowledge of wave-current interactions over the coastal waters of Nova Scotia

Areas with a high risk of oil spill incidents based on shipping traffic have been identified.  Using AIS data makes it possible to better simulate shipping traffic and identify hot spots for oil spill incidents. 

As part of this project, a NEMO model for the Salish Sea was configured and evaluated.  This model runs every day in nowcast and forecast mode, publishing storm surge forecasts to a web storm surge portal, and pushes any storm surge warnings to Port Metro Vancouver, producing a set of evaluation plots on the web and uploading the results to an ERDDAP server for downstream users across Canada and in Europe.

Conventional wave models tend to miss the peaks of rapidly developing severe storms, and to be biased high for stable atmosphere conditions and biased low for unstable conditions.  Having wave forecasts that are biased low for extreme wave events is a problem.  Accurate wave forecasts that can minimize errors need to have state-of-the-art physics, as well as linkages to the ‘coupled’ fields that drive the waves, the atmosphere and the ocean currents.  The MEOPAR Network has allowed significant progress on ‘coupled’ problems, such as wave-ice interactions, wave-current interactions and wave-atmosphere interactions.  Collaborators with partner research centres working to improve sea state forecast skill. 

The research work of this component has benefited significantly from the Network approach through strong collaborations with the research team for Initial Project 1.1, 1.16 and the team from the Observation Core.

Three annual West Coast stakeholder workshops were convened as part of this project, involving several MEOPAR projects and participation from private sector, NGO, and governmental stakeholders. 


  • CCG - Canadian Coast Guard
  • City of Richmond
  • Environment Canada
  • Halifax Port Authority
  • Institute for Ocean Research Enterprise
  • Lloyd’s Register (regional office)
  • Ocean Networks Canada
  • Port Metro Vancouver


  • Stephanie Chang University of British Columbia
  • Serge Desjardins
  • Dave Hebert
  • William Li Fisheries and Oceans Canada
  • Ronald Pelot MEOPAR
  • William Perrie Dalhousie University; Fisheries and Oceans Canada


  • Christopher Carter University of British Columbia
  • Mike Casey Fisheries and Oceans Canada
  • Alexandra Chadid Dalhousie University
  • Rebecca Chaster University of British Columbia
  • Wei Chen Dalhousie University
  • Tugce Conger University of British Columbia
  • Michael Dunphy University of British Columbia
  • Colin Hughes Fisheries and Oceans Canada
  • Tereza Jarnikova University of British Columbia
  • Jie Liu
  • Guoqiang Liu Fisheries and Oceans Canada
  • Charles Lu Dalhousie University
  • Michelle Marteleira University of British Columbia
  • Benjamin Moore-Maley University of British Columbia
  • Elise Olson University of British Columbia
  • Greg Oulahen University of British Columbia
  • Giorgio Sgarbi University of British Columbia
  • Shiliang Shan Dalhousie University
  • Nancy Soontiens Environment and Climate Change Canada
  • Sarah Thomas
  • Yuan Wang Dalhousie University
  • Fred Woslyng Dalhousie University
  • Jackie Yip University of British Columbia


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