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Coastal Ocean Dynamics Application Radar (CODAR) Installation, Halifax

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    Dr. Brad deYoung Memorial University

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    Dr. Doug Wallace MEOPAR

Deploying a coastal radar system (CODAR) focused on new ways to measure the currents and waves in the Halifax Approaches.

The goal of this project is to deploy a coastal radar system offshore Halifax to better measure the currents and waves in the Halifax Approaches. This project is an important component of a Scotian Shelf observing system and of wide use to MEOPAR projects and a variety of user communities, which was finished in November, 2015.  Surface ocean currents up to 200km offshore can now be measured and displayed in realtime (http://cercos.ocean.dal.ca/codar).


  • Defence Research and Development Canada
  • National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
  • National Research Council
  • Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources
  • OEA Technologies Inc.

The coastal radar is expected to cover the area offshore Halifax out to the edge of the Scotian Shelf.

It should provide near real-time currents, every half hour, on an operational basis. Data will be made available for MEOPAR researchers, and for public use, working with the Halifax Pilotage Authority.