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    Richard Dewey University of Victoria

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    Ken Denman University of Victoria

Providing linkages between MEOPAR projects and Ocean Networks Canada’s large cabled subsea observatories on the Pacific Coast.

Providing data services to MEOPAR projects from the observatory systems operated by Ocean Networks Canada, including the large cabled subsea and met-ocean observatories on the Pacific Coast and in the Arctic.

Key achievements include:

  • Establishing a rigorous and successful bi-weekly sensor calibration procedure for the BC Ferry systems (Pawlowicz).
  • Assessing and developing systematic methods for improving and validating ADCP data (Pawlowicz).
  • An assessment of the deep water exchange mechanisms between the Pacific and Salish Seas as it affects both Oxygen and pH distributions (Denman/Krough).
  • The support of both data and computer resources to assist in the development and verification of the Salish Sea NEMO model (Allen).
  • An assessment of the wave and sea state conditions in the Salish Sea and the development of real-time data products to inform marine operators (Dewey/Gemmrich).


  • BC Ferries
  • Ocean Networks Canada


  • Alec Casey York University


  • Mike Morley, Marlene Jefferies, Steve Mihaly, Reyna Jenkyns, Ben Bifford. 2016, Detecting and correcting biases in long-term ocean observatory time series: Case study on current directions estimated from acoustic Doppler current profiler data, Marine Technology Society/IEEE,

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