MEOPAR funds three cores, Observation, Prediction and Response, which facilitate the sharing of key expertise, instrumentation and knowledge transfer activities that are of relevance to MEOPAR projects as well as to closely-related activities outside the network. Cores provide technical support and central functions –in the form of equipment, technical expertise, training and quality assurance—and play an important role in knowledge mobilization.

Observation Core

PI: Brad deYoung, MUN

Investigators: Marcel Babin, Cedric Chavanne, Mike Smit, Rich Pawlowicz, Richard Dewey, Brent Else, Doug Wallace

The Observation Core supports, developments and coordinates ocean observation capacity for MEOPAR projects and closely related activities of partners. The functions are to: a) support shared access to observing infrastructure, and encourage technological developments; b) maintain and deploy technical expertise for ocean observation in strategic locations; c) share knowledge and training related to ocean observation and d) promote national and international sharing of data, expertise and the coordination of observation programs.

Prediction Core

PI: Dany Dumont, UQAR

Investigators: Bill Merryfield, Ron Pelot, Susan Allen, Katja Fennel, Youyu Lu, Rene Laprise, Adam Monahan, Will Perrie, Jinyu Sheng, Jim Christian

The Prediction Core aims to develop and maintain the capacity of the network to improve and deliver tools and highly qualified personnel that will enable support Canada’s leadership in marine environmental prediction. The four main activities are: a) developing and implementing improved numerical models; b) training the next generation of experts in environmental predictions; c) a code repository and d) project support and guidance.

Response Core

PI: Stephanie Chang, UBC

Investigators: Jason Thistlethwaite, Paul Kovacs, Joel Finnis, Ron Pelot, Anthony Charles, Greg Oulahen

The Response Core supports the network by serving as a focal point of expertise, information and engagement on issues related to response. The goals in Response Core are: a) provide a forum for sharing expertise and ideas regarding impacts and solutions, emphasizing but not limited to social science knowledge; b) to support MEOPAR project teams seeking to conduct research related to Response and c) to facilitate stakeholder engagement in order to mobilize the use of knowledge to reduce marine-related risks and develop effective solutions.