Workshop: State of the Art in Shipping Risk and Modelling

We would like to extend an invitation to an upcoming MEOPAR-supported workshop, entitled “State of the Art in Shipping Risk and Modelling”, hosted by the Canadian Marine Shipping Risk Forum (the new Shipping Risk CoP). This 1-day workshop will be held in Halifax on December 2, preceding the ArcticNet Annual Scientific Meeting. This event will comprise presentations by invited speakers and roundtable discussion within three topic sessions:

1. Multidisciplinary approaches to shipping risk assessment
2. Data and modelling for shipping risk
3. Qualitative vs quantitative shipping risk approaches

A key goal of this event is to identify both strengths and gaps in the current state of shipping risk and modeling from practitioners. This will help chart a course for ongoing Community of Practice content (web content, webinars and further workshops) to match community needs. Refreshment and lunch will be provided. Registration is free, see the following link to register today!