Webinar: Knowledge Mobilization and YOU

Interested in Knowledge Mobilization and its influence on the research landscape? Register for a free webinar on Feb. 28th, hosted by our colleagues at the Canadian Sleep and Circadian Network for the SMRTS Seminars Program:

CSCN Webinar: Knowledge Mobilization and YOU

Speaker: Sheryl Guloy, PhD

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As a researcher, you will have heard of knowledge mobilization, which is also referred to as knowledge translation. What is it exactly? What does it mean for you?

This webinar reveals how research is evolving to meet the goal of knowledge mobilization and discusses what this means for graduate students and postdoctoral researchers.

The SMRTS (Sharing Multi-network Resources for Trainee Success) Seminars Program is a professional development initiative between nine national and provincial networks aimed at providing the best possible programming to our respective trainees. Each month, we offer our trainees access to a wide range of soft skills programming through a live-streamed webinar or event.