Webinar: Tools for Advancing Climate Change Resilience: An Introduction to Deltares CIrcle and Adaptation Support Tools

The Canadian Coastal Resilience Forum (CCRF) will host a webinar on tools for advancing climate change resilience on March 18th.

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Deltares is an independent institute for applied research in the field of water and subsurface. This webinar will be presented by Annegien Tijssen and Reinder Brolsma who are specialists at Deltares working on projects related to flood risk, environment, infrastructure & adaptive planning. The CIrcle and Adaptation Support Tools are intended to help identify the indirect impacts of flooding hazards and support the collaborative planning of adaptation measures.

CIrcle (Critical Infrastructures: Relations and Consequences for Life and Environment) is an online tool developed by Deltares to support the analysis of domino effects of critical infrastructures failure to retrieve insights into the interdependencies between critical infrastructures. Particularly the interruptions of critical infrastructures such as electricity, communication, drinking water or transport systems lead to lasting societal impacts including fatalities and economic losses. This tool facilitates and enables discussion between key stakeholder’s, builds trust and stimulates future partnerships.

The Adaptation Support Tool (AST) has been developed to support the collaborative planning of climate adaptation measures for resilient cities. The AST can be used in workshops and individually by urban planners, landscape architects, water managers, civil engineers, local stakeholders and other experts to create conceptual designs. The AST has 62 adaptation measures for ecosystem-based adaptation – called blue-green infrastructure such as green roofs, bioswales, porous pavement and water squares-, a selection tool for ranking measures based on their applicability and an assessment tool to estimate the effectiveness of applied adaptation measures. The AST estimates the performance of created storage capacity, frequency reduction of the normative runoff, heat stress reduction, groundwater recharge, water quality effects & costs.

Deltares is an independent institute for applied research in the field of water and subsurface. Throughout the world, they work on smart solutions, innovations and applications for people, environment and society. Their main focus is on deltas, coastal regions and river basins. Managing these densely populated and vulnerable areas is complex, which is why they work closely with governments, businesses, other research institutes and universities at home and abroad. Enabling Delta Life is Deltares motto. As an applied research institute, the success of Deltares can be measured in the extent to which their expert knowledge can be used in and for society. Deltares areas of expertise are flood risk, adaptive delta planning, infrastructure, water & subsurface resources and the environment. For Deltares the quality of expertise and advice comes first.

Annegien Tijssen
Annegien is a flood risk management specialist and the research & development program lead for resilient infrastructure at Deltares. She has a leading role in the development and application of the CIrcle tool.

Reinder Brolsma
Reinder is a specialist on urban water management and climate adaptation. He has worked on projects on sustainable drainage systems in for example Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Beira and London. To facilitate adaptation, he had a leading role in the development of the Climate Adaptation App, a pre-selecting tool for suitable adaptation measures, and the Adaptation Support Tool for creating maps of sets of adaptation measures.