Metadata and Instrument Tracking Software for Multiparameter Platforms like Gliders

Sensor Tracker is a software package built by the Coastal Environmental Observation Technology and Research group (CEOTR) to manage metadata used in data processing pipelines and for informational purposes. It includes a database, a web-based user interface, and an interface for JSON formatted metadata (REST API) for managing scientific research metadata collected from platforms, instruments and sensors. This webinar will discuss the technologies used to build Sensor Tracker, provide an overview of how to use different parts of the software (including examples of how CEOTR is using it), and discuss plans for new features.

Speaker: Kate Patterson, Data Team Manager, CEOTR
Kate has been a software developer for over 10 years in the financial and video game industries. Kate joined CEOTR in 2018. She manages data from automated sampling platforms including autonomous ocean gliders, profiling buoys, high-frequency radar, and manually operated profilers. Kate holds a Masters in Computer Science from Dalhousie University with her primary interest being web development.


Apr 23 2020


All Day