Announcement on the future of the NCE program

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The federal government announced today that the NCE program will wrap up over the next three years, to be replaced by new funding initiatives.

For thirty years, the Networks funded under this NCE program have focused research, training and partner resources on some of Canada’s most critical social and economic challenges, producing research breakthroughs, increased private sector R&D and a workforce of 48,000 highly qualified personnel.

MEOPAR remains fully committed to continuing their important work during this transition phase. Our funding will remain in place to the end of Cycle II (March 2022). We will continue operations, will continue to support research projects, training, and partnership activities. To everyone in our Network: the work continues.

We are working with federal government to understand their new priorities and strategic direction. With the eventual phasing out of the NCE program itself, MEOPAR will be seeking to identify ways to continue our work under the New Frontiers in Research Fund or other federal funding programs and partnerships.

The NCE has been a ground-breaking program that has drawn international attention and support.

The Networks overcame barriers of geography, disciplines and sectors, and have been uniquely successful in mobilizing the talents and resources of the academic, government, private and not-for-profit sectors, working in partnership to tackle national challenges.

There is much to be learned from the accomplishments of this innovative program, and we are committed to ensuring that Canadians continue to benefit fully from the investment in and achievements of our Networks.

For more information, please contact:

Doug Wallace – Scientific Director