MEOPAR postdoc to join polar expedition

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Dr. Vishnu NandanDr. Vishnu Nandan is an early-career polar sea ice researcher, with demonstrated expertise in radar remote sensing of Arctic Sea ice. His research focuses on improving Arctic Sea ice thickness retrievals from radar satellites. Particularly, his work has demonstrated significant shift in our fundamental understanding of the role of snow and it’s impact on the accuracy of sea ice thickness estimates from multi-frequency radar remote sensing.

During the dark polar winters phase of the MOSAiC expedition, Dr. Nandan will co-lead and participate in radar remote sensing and snow/sea ice geophysical data collection activities, where he will acquire a unique time-series dataset of radar signatures from four different surface-based radar systems, owned by the University of Manitoba, the University of Victoria, the University of Calgary and the University of Waterloo.

The data collected during the MOSAiC expedition in the Central Arctic will spatially replicate and supplement naturally occurring snow covered sea ice types in the Canadian Arctic, and will provide valuable data for Dr. Nandan’s MEOPAR postdoctoral research project (2018-2020) on improving Canadian Arctic Sea ice thickness estimates from radar altimetry.

Dr. Vishnu Nandan is currently a post-doctoral researcher at the Centre for Earth Observation Science (CEOS) at the University of Manitoba, working with Prof. Julienne Stroeve. He completed his first post-doctoral research at the Ice, Climate, Ecosystem (ICE) Remote Sensing Lab at the University of Victoria, with Dr. Randall Scharien. His PhD research at the University of Calgary with Prof. John Yackel focused on improved characterization of multi-frequency radar interactions of snow covered Arctic Sea ice.

Congratulations to Dr. Nandan on this exciting opportunity! MEOPAR is proud to have played a role in funding his participation in MOSAiC.

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