The latest Fathom Fund project
offers a “green solution”

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The Fathom Fund’s latest campaign is seeking community contributions to support turning an invasive species into a global solution to the plastics dilemma. By using biochemical components of European green crab, not only will this research project develop a sustainable bio-plastic, but it will also enhance the recovery of deteriorated coastal ecosystems and provide a new industry to sustain coastal fishing communities. The project is currently engaging the public (that’s you!) in a push towards reaching its crowdfunding goal.

McGill University’s Associate Professor, Audrey Moores, and her team have discovered an innovative way to turn crustacean shells (which are waste once fished) into biodegradable plastics that, if successful, will break down under oceanic conditions. Parks Canada—who has been steadily working with partners on Operation Green Crab at Kejimkujik National Park Seaside in Little Port Joli for almost 10 years—will be supporting this project with both cash and in-kind contributions. This will include leading the engagement of stakeholders and communities and liaising with existing green crab license holders throughout southwest Nova Scotia.

We encourage you to watch the video below and click here to support this initiative.