Communities of Practice

MEOPAR supports Communities of Practice across multiple disciplines in our network. These Communities help to mobilize knowledge, enrich research and encourage collaboration between academics, practitioners, policy-makers and community groups. They are also an ideal opportunity to inform MEOPAR researchers about new developments and information gaps.

Each Community of Practice operates independently as a grassroots initiative, supported by MEOPAR.

To join a Community of Practice, click on the link to connect to their websites or email their coordinators.

Coast and Ocean Risk Communication (CORC)
Leads: Joel Finnis, Ron Pelot and Amber Silver
CoP Community Coordinator: Cindy Marven

Ocean Data Management
Lead: Mike Smit

Ocean Gliders Canada
Lead: Brad deYoung
Manager: Richard Davis

Climate Risk for Coastal Transportation Infrastructure
Lead: Paul Kovacs
Research Associate: Kenzie Pulsifer

NetColor1 leads: Emmanuel Devred and Maycira Costa; Research Assistant: Stephanie Clay
NetColor2 leads: Emmanuel Devred and Anders Knudby;  Research Assistant: Stephanie Clay

Canadian Coastal Resilience Forum
Lead: Jason Thistlethwaite
Research Manager: Andrea Minano
Coordinator: Shaieree Cottar

Canadian Marine Shipping Risk Forum
Leads: Ron Pelot and Stan Matwin
MEOPAR S-AIS Data Manager: Casey Hilliard

Ocean Acidification
Leads: Brent Else and Helen Gurney-Smith
Community Coordinator: Heather Almeda