To better support the development of our expertise, our researchers are supported by three cores: Observation, Prediction and Response. The Cores allow for sharing of key expertise and knowledge transfer activities that are relevant to MEOPAR projects, as well as to partners and stakeholders closely related to, but outside of, the existing network.

If you are a current MEOPAR researcher, the Cores can provide support and assistance in the form of equipment, technical expertise, training, quality assurance, and skilled talent. Core activities are not tied to an individual project or research question, but support projects, research impact, and connections between projects.

To find out how a Core can support your project, please contact one of our Core Leads:

Observation Core

Lead: Dr. Brad DeYoung, Memorial University
Deputy Lead: Dr. Rich Pawlowicz, University of British Columbia

Prediction Core

Lead: Dr. Dany Dumont, Université du Québec à Rimouski
Deputy Lead: Dr. Bill Merryfield, University of Victoria/Environment and Climate Change Canada

Response Core

Lead: Dr. Stephanie Chang, University of British Columbia
Deputy Lead: Dr. Jason Thistlethwaite, University of Waterloo