Research Program

MEOPAR supports solutions-oriented research that addresses a) the risk of human impact on the marine environment, and b) the consequences (risk and opportunity) of marine environmental change from human activity. The research program is working to support our large network of marine scientists to succeed in funding opportunities across Canada. We also support the Canadian Integrated Ocean Observing System (CIOOS) and other partnered initiatives.

Contact Isabelle Tremblay, our Research Program Manager.

Training Program

MEOPAR’s training program builds capacity in interdisciplinary research, and 21st-century skills related to marine environmental risk and the required response and policy strategies. Training content is based on MEOPAR’s four outcome areas (Ocean Observation, Forecasting and Prediction, Coastal Resilience and Marine Operations) and core content areas relevant to Canada’s next generation of marine professionals.

Contact Laura Avery, our Training Program Manager.

Networking and Partnerships

The Network engages with partners from every level of government and every sector, including not-for-profit, industry, and government. The number of MEOPAR partners and the diversity of partner types and engagement levels have grown significantly since 2012. Partnership opportunities include event sponsorship, collaborative projects, conferences and communities of practice.

Contact Rodrigo Menafra, our Managing Director.

Knowledge Mobilization and Communications

As a Network, MEOPAR has a responsibility to ensure that research results and success stories within the projects reach a broader audience. The network’s knowledge mobilization and communications activities work to disseminate information to the audiences who can put it to use, including end users, partners, decision-makers and the public.

Contact Allison Saunders, our Communications and Marketing Manager.