Cycle I Research Projects

Research Projects – Cycle I


Theme 1Hours to a Season (Weather)

Focusing on prediction and rapid response to marine emergencies (e.g. storm surge, hurricane).

Theme 2Seasons to Decades (Climate)

Dealing with longer-term predictions and impacts (sea level rise, ocean acidification).



A Relocatable Coupled Atmosphere-Ocean Prediction System

Harold (Hal) Ritchie Environment Canada; Dalhousie University



Building a Network of Fixed Coastal Observing and Forecast Systems

Dr. Susan Allen University of British Columbia

Jinyu Sheng Dalhousie University



Improving Marine Drift and Dispersion Forecasts

Dr. Dany Dumont Université du Québec à Rimouski



Improved Sea Ice Prediction Through Assimilation of Ice Thickness Info and SAR Image Classification

Andrea Scott University of Waterloo



Modeling Ship Movements: Application for Noise Exposure to the Marine Ecosystem

Rosaline Canessa University of Victoria



WHaLE: Whales, Habitat and Listening Experiment

Dr. Chris Taggart Dalhousie University

Kim Davies Dalhousie University; University of Victoria



Maritime Transportation Disruption: An Integrated Assessment for Coastal Community Resilience

Dr. Stephanie Chang University of British Columbia



Understanding the Factors that Affect the Properties of Coastal and Polar Fog

Rachel Chang Dalhousie University



Modelling of the Acoustic Environment and Interactions Between Whales and Ships in the St. Lawrence Estuary

Jérôme Dupras Université du Québec en Outaouais



It’s Too Easy Being Green: Using Underwater Video to Optimize Capture Efficiency of Invasive Green Crab to Reduce their Impact on Fisheries

Brett Favaro Memorial University



Evaluation, Improvement, and Communication of Short-Term Hazardous-weather Forecasts over Coastal British Columbia

Daniel Kirshbaum McGill University



Modelling and Predicting Disease Outbreak and Spread in Coastal Seas

Martin Krkosek University of Toronto



Improving Oil Spill Models to Support Environmental Emergency Response and Chemical Dispersant use Policy Development

Haibo Niu Dalhousie University



Pressured Ice: Environmental Monitoring, Modeling and Mitigation of Risk for Marine Operations

Rocky Taylor Memorial University



Insuring Canadian Coastal Communities in the Era of Wild Weather

Dr. Jason Thistlethwaite University of Waterloo



Forecasting Grand Banks Fog: Assessment, Improvement and Application

Joel Finnis Memorial University



Predicting the Microbial Bioremediation Response to Marine Oil Spills in Canada

Casey Hubert University of Calgary



Safer Shipping through Summer Sea Ice: New Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Based Tools for Monitoring and Predicting Sea Ice Conditions

Randy Scharien



Arctic Marine Activities Integration & Synthesis Project (AMAIS): Enhancing Ocean Governance Through the Northern Marine Transportation Corridors

Dr. Jackie Dawson



Assisting Fisheries Management by Integration of Data from Non-Specialized Assets, Ferries, Citizens

Maycira Costa University of Victoria




Climate Change and Extreme Events in the Marine Environment

Greg Flato Environment Canada; University of Victoria

Gordon McBean University of Western Ontario

Dr. Bill Merryfield Environment Canada / University of Victoria

Dr. Barbara Neis Memorial University

Dr. Ronald Pelot MEOPAR

Jinyu Sheng Dalhousie University

Dr. Francis Zwiers Environment Canada / University of Victoria



Biogeochemical Projections under a Changing Climate

Katja Fennel Dalhousie University



User-Driven Monitoring of Adverse Marine Weather States in the Eastern Beaufort Sea



InFORM: International Fukushima Ocean Radionuclide Monitoring Network

Jay Cullen University of Victoria



Enhancing Ecosystem Resilience: Integrating Social and Natural Sciences

Dr. Natalie Ban University of Victoria



A Meteorological Observatory in the Northwest Passage: Understanding Sea Ice Changes and Inuit use of Scientific Information

Dr. Brent Else University of Calgary



Linking Ocean Health and Human Health: Coastal Security and Sustainability in Haida Gwaii

Dr. Philip Loring University of Saskatchewan



Measuring Marine Boundary Layers in an Urban Shipping Environment

Aldona Wiacek Saint Mary’s University



Ocean Acidification in Canadian Coastal Communities: an Integrated Coastal Acidification Program (I-CAP)

Karen Kohfeld Simon Fraser University



Canadian Ocean Acidification Research Program (COARp)

Helmuth Thomas Dalhousie University

Peter Tyedmers Dalhousie University



Monitoring Marine Plastics in Canada’s North



Ocean Observation using Microbial Genomics: A new Baseline tool for Environmental Effects Monitoring



Prioritizing Threat Management Strategies to Ensure Long-term Resilience of the Fraser River Estuary

Julia Baum University of Victoria

Tara Martin University of British Columbia

Laura Kehoe Baum Lab, University of Victoria



Testing New, Innovative & Affordable Technologies for Monitoring & Visualizing the Impacts of Sea Level Rise, Erosion & Storm Surges on Coast Environments

Adam Fenech University of Prince Edward Island



Observing and Responding to Pressures on Arctic Marine Ecosystem Services

Dr. Brent Else University of Calgary



Continuous Assessment of Plankton Abundance and Community Structure in Canadian Coastal Waters with a Novel, Flow-Through, High-Throughput Holographic Microscope Operated on Volunteer Observing Ships

Julie LaRoche Dalhousie University