Early Career Researchers

Name Institution Project Description
Dr. Christopher Algar Dalhousie University “Predicting and Mitigating Sulfide Accumulation in Aquaculture Impacted Coastal Sediments”
Dr. Kimberley Davies University of New Brunswick “The Influence of Climate-Driven Prey Shortage on Endangered Whales and their Coexistence with Ocean-Going Industries”
Dr. Kyle Elliott McGill University “URIAS: Understanding and Predicting the Effects of Increased Shipping on Arctic Seabirds & Seals”
Dr. Maxime Geoffroy Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador “FISH DIP: Dam Impacts on Pelagic Fish Ecology in a Subarctic Estuary (Lake Melville, Labrador)”
Dr. Amanda Giang University of British Columbia “Air Quality Co-Benefits of Decarbonizing Maritime Shipping for Coastal Communities”
Dr. Floris Goerlandt Dalhousie University “Shipping Accident Oil Spill Consequences and Response Effectiveness in Arctic Marine Environments (iSCREAM)”
Dr. Peter Kikkert St. Francis Xavier University “Horizontal Capacity-Mapping to Support Capability-Based Planning and Capacity-Building for Community-Based Maritime and Coastal Search and Rescue and Emergency Response in the Kitikmeot Region of Nunavut”
Dr. Barret Kurylyk Dalhousie University “Vulnerability of Small-Island Freshwater Resources to Climate Change”
Dr. Eva Kwoll University of Victoria “Hydro-and Sediments Dynamics in the Skeena Estuary”
Dr. Arnault LeBris Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador “Monitoring Juvenile American Lobster (Homarus Americanus) to Forecast Productivity in the Growing Newfoundland Lobster Fishery”
Dr. Mélanie Lemire Université Laval “Co-Developing Innovative Approaches with Indigenous Partners to Foster Coastal Resilience, Food Security and Sustainable Marine Harvests while Enhancing Community Capacity to Proactively Respond to Marine Risks”
Dr. Fanny Noisette Université du Québec à Rimouski “Predicting the Future of Seagrass Meadows Along the Eastern Coast of Canada: an Innovative Functional Approach in the Context of Global Change”
Dr. Eric Oliver Dalhousie University “Drivers, Predictability and Fisheries Impacts of Ocean Temperature Extremes”
Dr. Katleen Robert Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador “Holyrood Sub-Arctic Coastal Observatory”
Dr. Vincent Sieben Dalhousie University “Globally Transforming the Ocean Biogeochemical Domain Using Lab-on-Ship Technology”
Dr. Stephanie Waterman University of British Columbia “Predicting Physical & Biochemical Properties on the BC Central Coast”
Dr. Qi Zhou University of Calgary “A Physical Oceanographic Prediction Framework for Cambridge Bay, Nunavut”