Postdoctoral Fellows

Post-doctoral Fellows-Cohort 1:

Name Institution Project Description
Dr. Hayley Dosser University of British Columbia “From Shelf-Break to Coastline: Connecting Ocean Upwelling to Biological Productivity on British Columbia’s Central Coast”
Dr. Christiane Dufresne Université du Québec à Rimouski “Development of a Hydro-Sedimentary Model of the Estuary and Gulf of St. Lawrence. Application to the Atlantic Halibut Spawning and Nursery Areas”
Dr. Juliana Marson University of Alberta “Improving Iceberg Models’ Dynamics and Prediction Skills”
Dr. Vishnu Nandan University of Manitoba “Improved Canadian Arctic Sea Ice Thickness Estimates from Synthetic Aperture Radar Altimetry”
Dr. Nicolas Preston University of Victoria “CoastNet: Blending Data Sources to Monitor Algal Blooms in British Columbia”
Dr. Sarah Rosengard University of British Columbia “From Satellites to Social Media: Understanding and Communicating the Impacts of Climate Change in the Arctic Ocean”


Post-doctoral Fellows-Cohort 2:  

Name Institution Project Description
Dr. Eva Angelyna Bogdan University of Waterloo “Building Capacity for Difficult Conversations on Floor Risk Management in Canadian Coastal Communities”
Dr. David Carozza Université du Québec à Montréal “Characterisation of Storm Surge Risk in Atlantic Canada and the Eastern United States for Insurance and Coastal Stakeholders”
Dr. Alexandra Davis University of Alberta “Developing Spatially Explicit Tools to Minimize Costs and Maximize Benefits of Marine Invasive Species Control”
Dr. Bryn Letham Simon Fraser University “Developing Long-Term Reconstruction of Sea Level, Shoreline, and Human Settlement Change on the Northern Coast of British Columbia”
Dr. Harri Pettitt-Wade University of Windsor “Tracking Coastal Fish Movements in the Western Canadian Arctic to Address Community Concerns and Understand Flexibility to Ecosystem Change”
Dr. Christoph Renkl Dalhousie University “Historical Variability of Drivers of Sea Ice Along Coastal Labrador”
Dr. Nicolien van Luijk University of Ottawa “Community Perspectives on the Impacts of Increased Shipping and Climate Change Along the Northwest Passage in the Canadian Arctic”
Dr. Lilia Yumagulova Simon Fraser University “Development of the Canadian Ocean Literacy Strategy”