“Stand up for a healthy coast – the Coastal Pollution Mapper”

Principal investigator: Nathan Vadeboncoeur

Killer whales and salmon are icons of the West Coast. These animals represent nature’s raw beauty and embody the Sea to Sky country by connecting mountains with ocean. It’s hard to imagine a world without them, but their survival in the Salish Sea is uncertain.

There are 78 remaining southern resident killer whales and these creatures have arguably the highest levels of toxic contamination of any species on the planet. This is a result of human impacts on their habitat. Salmon populations are also under stress and are migrating northward in response to a changing climate. Maintaining the current populations of these species in the Salish Sea requires thoughtful management of our impacts on their marine world. Nathan Vadeboncoeur’s “Stand up for a healthy coast – the Coastal Pollution Mapper”—the first Fathom Fund project—supports the people working hard to the coasts healthier, using funds to put the right tools in the hands of the people working hard to clean up and maintain our shores.

Read more about Vadeboncoeur’s work on the Fathom Fund site.