RQM-MEOPAR joint call for proposals

Exploring risk-assessment and response in the St. Lawrence through interdisciplinary research.

Throughout 2019-20, an already collaborative MEOPAR- Réseau Québec Maritime (RQM) partnership was reinforced through an inaugural joint call for proposals focusing on issues related to the St. Lawrence system. Projects were to be led by investigators representing both MEOPAR and RQM. Together, the organizations are committed to supporting this science with over $1 million over the next two years.

“The partnership between MEOPAR and RQM comes from the necessity of increasing the collaborations and the promotion of multidisciplinary actions across our geographical, institutional and cultural frontiers,” says RQM’s Director, Dany Dumont. “It will enable us to develop and grow our relationship with each other and our field of study.”

MEOPAR and RQM funded two proposals that combine natural and social sciences to tackle issues of risk assessment and response. The first project aims to help coastal communities better understand the changes in their environment, exploring both bio- and geo-hazards during sediment remobilization events in the Lower St. Lawrence Estuary and using a combination of natural science and the arts to communicate their work. The second focuses on Baie-Saint-Paul and the Upper St. Lawrence Estuary and its expected heightened exposure to hazards like earthquakes, strong tides and ice jams in the face of climate change.

“These are outstanding initiatives which combine complementary skills in science and social science to tackle complex issues in the St. Lawrence system,” says Ron Pelot, MEOPAR’s Associate Scientific Director. “The projects’ respective outcomes include better understanding of the physical phenomena, of the social and environmental impacts of the stressors, and increased research capacity through data collection, model development, and student training,” he says. “The engagement with multiple stakeholders will allow for better decision-making and management of the resources.”

This call is currently closed

For further information, please contact:

Erwann Fraboulet
Odyssée Saint-Laurent program manager, RQM

Isabelle Tremblay
Research Program Manage, MEOPAR