How to make a research video

Expert advice on how to clearly and creatively share your research findings beyond the academic world.

Video is an incredibly powerful medium for communication, storytelling, and knowledge mobilization. Sharing your research this way gives you the ability to reach hundreds, or thousands, of people from various backgrounds and locations, who can watch again and again. Research videos can inform funders, decision-makers, stakeholders, and the wider public about your work. They can also motivate others to take your research further and even inspire people to pursue science as a career. And perhaps most importantly— you can refer to your video on your website or resume, showcasing your work and its impact to funders and prospective employers.

MEOPAR teamed up with marine scientist, research consultant, and science communicator Leigh Howarth to share some tips on how to make an engaging, entertaining, and educational video about your research. Watch the short how-to video below, and read his full guide to DIY filmmaking here, or as an interactive PDF at the bottom of this page.