Communities of Practice

MEOPAR supports Communities of Practice (CoPs) across multiple disciplines in our network. These communities help to mobilize knowledge, enrich research and encourage collaboration between academics, practitioners, policymakers and community groups. They also offer MEOPAR researchers the opportunity to stay informed about new developments and information gaps.

Each Community of Practice operates independently as a grassroots initiative, supported by MEOPAR. To join one of our CoPs, click on the link to connect to their websites or email their coordinators.

Coast and Ocean Risk Communication (CORC)

Leads: Joel Finnis, Ron Pelot, & Amber Silver
CoP Community Coordinator: Cindy Marven

Ocean Data Management

Lead: Mike Smit

Ocean Gliders Canada

Lead: Brad deYoung
Manager: Richard Davis

Climate Risk for Coastal Transportation Infrastructure

Lead: Paul Kovacs
Research Associate: Kenzie Pulsifer

Network on Coastal, Oceans and Lake Optics Remote Sensing (NetColor)

NetColor1 leads: Emmanuel Devred & Maycira Costa; Research Assistant: Stephanie Clay
NetColor2 leads: Emmanuel Devred & Anders Knudby;  Research Assistant: Stephanie Clay 

Canadian Coastal Resilience Forum

Lead: Jason Thistlethwaite
Research Manager: Andrea Minano
Coordinator: Shaieree Cottar

Canadian Marine Shipping Risk Forum

Leads: Ron Pelot & Stan Matwin
MEOPAR S-AIS Data Manager: Matthew Smith

Ocean Acidification

Leads: Brent Else & Helen Gurney-Smith
Community Coordinator: Kristina Barclay