Fathom Fund

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The Fathom Fund is a new crowdfunding program supporting innovative marine research that will directly impact Canadians. This exciting program allows you, the donor, to decide which projects get off the ground. Researchers who raise 25% of their project costs through crowdfunding are eligible to receive up to 75% of the remaining project costs from the Fund.


The Fathom Fund was developed for researchers from across Canada who are motivated, energetic, and interested in connecting themselves and their work to communities.

We are looking for researchers who share our vision for a new way to fund interesting and exciting marine research in Canada. We encourage applications for marine research projects from a wide range of researchers: new academics building their experience, non-traditional researchers with community support, students with innovative ideas, and organizations with academic partners. While every Fathom Fund project must have an academic partner, we believe that great science can go beyond a university lab.

To learn more about our program please visit our website here.