Downscaling atmosphere-ocean forecasts from global to harbour scales with application to the Maritimes

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Institution: Dalhousie University
Theme: Environmental change
Area of Vulnerability: Marine ecosystems/living resources

Principal investigator

Hal Ritchie, Dalhousie University


Cycle II, Bridging the Gap/KTEE

This project builds on MEOPAR initial project (IP1.1) entitled “A Relocatable Coupled Atmosphere-Ocean Prediction System”. This initial project has resulted in capabilities and forecast systems that are more sophisticated than originally proposed. These new capabilities are put to practical use by developing and demonstrating a new real-time “pre-operational” atmosphere-ocean forecast system, engaging users in the evaluation and use of the outputs from the high resolution atmospheric and ocean models, and overcoming challenges in the communication of information on marine risk from the perspectives of organizations and individual users.