The Knowledge Mobilization (KM) Fund supports efforts by current and former MEOPAR researchers to think beyond the academic sector in communicating about their research. 

The KM Fund supports high-impact knowledge mobilization activities with a connection to MEOPAR-funded research and researchers as well as MEOPAR’s strategic plan. This may include specialized websites, graphic visualizations, public materials, commercialization and incubator activities, and other innovative approaches to engaging with the research process. Preference will be given to ideas that spark the imagination, reaching intended audiences in creative and purposeful ways.

Who Can Apply?

The KM Fund supports past and current MEOPAR researchers and the mobilization of past and current MEOPAR research projects. Applicants should be current or former network researchers OR endorsed (via letter of support) by a MEOPAR PI to apply.

Applications from outside of the network may be considered if they fit within MEOPAR’s strategic plan. If submitting from outside the network, please indicate clearly how your proposal fits within one or more of MEOPAR’s subject areas, or how it would contribute to the mobilization of MEOPAR-related research.


The KM Fund supports interaction with academic audiences and beyond—including policymakers, decision-makers and leaders, industry, not-for-profits, communities and the general public. Your proposal should clearly articulate why you selected the key audience group, how the idea will improve knowledge mobilization, and why that approach is the best way to reach that audience. The KM Fund is not to be used for academic workshops, researcher networking or training opportunities.


This opportunity is now closed. 

Download Knowledge Mobilization Fund Application