Marine acoustic disturbances: shipping and marine renewable development across Canada, mitigation, management and monitoring of associated noise

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Institution: University of Victoria
Theme: Human activity
Area of Vulnerability: Marine ecosystems/living resources

Principal investigator

Rosaline Canessa, University of Victoria


Cycle II, Bridging the Gap/KTEE

Ship- source noise and noise from marine renewable energy (MRE) developments can have negative effects on marine species (e.g. masking of calls/communications, navigation, foraging and hazard avoidance), all of which can lead to increased stress, disturbance, deafness and mortalities. The project will give wider consideration to managing marine noise in specific physical bottlenecks that constrain marine mammal (MM) and vessel movements. The project will consider: 1) Active Pass and Boundary Pass within the current Salish Sea site (Pacific), 2) Prince of Wales Strait associated with the current Sachs Harbour site (Arctic) and 3) the Laurentian Channel MPA to be announced (Atlantic).