MEOPAR bids farewell to Training Program Manager, Laura Avery

By November 10, 2020January 6th, 2021No Comments

After nearly four years with MEOPAR, our Training Program Manager, Laura Avery, is moving on to a new position in December, leaving behind a suite of successful training activities in our network.

“For the past four years, Laura has very capably managed all aspects of the program, while introducing, developing and implementing a broad range of new activities for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. Our Training Program’s advances are due in large part to Laura’s enthusiasm and dedication, but especially to her caring for our large and diverse student body across the country.  Her constant communication with students to gauge their interests and needs and to engage them in network activities was key to forming our strong network of MEOPeers, an affiliation which will undoubtedly persist for many years to come,” says MEOPAR’s Associate Scientific Director, Ron Pelot.

“Laura is an excellent team player, providing insights and suggestions on many aspects of MEOPAR’s plans, especially when there was an opportunity to couple a Network activity with a training element. Her people and communication skills extended well beyond our network, as she developed collaborations with several other organizations to run joint events with MEOPAR, which significantly enhanced our networking and learning experiences,” Pelot adds. “Her equanimity and quiet sense of humour will be missed, but will certainly serve her well in her future endeavours.”

Best of luck to Laura, from the entire MEOPAR staff!