MEOPeer blog post: Updates from research stay at CERFACS in Toulouse, France

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After several months of preparation for my research stay, here I am! Toulouse, France, is home to the Météopole, a large campus regrouping the French weather services (Météo-France) and several partner institutions working in atmospheric and oceanic sciences. I am hosted by the Centre européen de recherche et de formation avancée en calcul scientifique (CERFACS), within the climate and climate change modeling group (GLOBC). The group uses global coupled models to investigate various climatic processes such as climate variability from seasonal to decadal timescales and atmospheric responses to the declining Arctic sea ice cover. Part of the group also works on model development, including data assimilation and model coupling. My stay at CERFACS will be a great opportunity to learn about their research activities and share my work on seasonal predictions of sea ice.  

Over the next five months, I will have the chance to travel to Brussels (All-Atlantic Ocean Research Forum), Bremen (University of Bremen) and Vienna (European Geophysical Union meeting), as part of my research exchange in Europe. It’s a very exciting semester that has started! 

My name is Charles Brunette, I am in the 5th year of my PhD degree in the department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences at McGill University in Montreal. My thesis focuses on seasonal and regional predictions of sea ice in the Arctic Ocean. I am a MEOPAR HQP for the Forecasting Regional Arctic sea ice from a Month to Seasons (FRAMS) project. My research stay is possible thanks to support from the MEOPAR Research Internship Award, the McGill Graduate Mobility Award and ArcTrain. 

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