Upcoming webinar: Building a shared perspective on Arctic waters through community-engaged research

By February 1, 2021No Comments

Our first Community of Practice webinar of 2021 is an exciting one! Join the Coast and Ocean Risk Communication CoP, The Canadian Marine Shipping Risk Forum and Clear Seas Centre for Responsible Marine Shipping for Building a shared perspective on Arctic waters through community-engaged research on Wednesday, February 17 at 11am PST/ 2pm EST/ 3pm AST.

This webinar will present perspectives by a panel of three different rights-holder and stakeholder groups around their shared interests in the use and protection of Arctic waters as both shipping corridors to assist development and facilitate transportation, and as cultural sites that represent Inuit places of significance.

Research carried out under the University of Ottawa-led Arctic Corridors and Northern Voices research project in 14 communities across Arctic Canada resulted in a series of community-specific maps to inform users of Arctic waters about significant socio-cultural, archaeological and ecological areas, and local travel routes, for integration into the Low Impact Shipping Corridors. The research also created an opportunity for stakeholders, including Inuit community members, to discuss the risks of increased shipping in these waters and possible management strategies to be considered to address those risks.

Dr. Natalie Carter will present key findings of this research initiative. Shirley Tagalik will present the impacts of partnering in this research for a local community, the on-going work being done in the Arviat coastal region and on how engaging youth in research can build sustainable practices for a community. Keenan “Nooks” Lindell will present on the impacts of youth engagement in community-based projects, including ocean-related research and initiatives.