Watch it now: CCRN’s Coastal Communities… At the Ready

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Coastal Communities At The Ready from CCRN on Vimeo.

From Clare, Nova Scotia to Tofino, British Columbia, coastal communities across the country—and around the planet—are preparing for and responding to a range of climate change impacts and other hazards affecting the coast. That includes everything from hurricanes and other extreme weather, to floods and erosion, to tsunamis and oil spills. Through the experiences of Clare and Tofino, this 13-minute film highlights how communities can prepare for hazards, and adapt to climate change, with a focus on the tools and knowledge that can lead to success. 

“Most of the world’s people live by the sea and are under the threat of a variety of marine hazards,” says Dr. Tony Charles, a professor at Saint Mary’s University and the director of the Community Conservation Research Network. “Marine hazards are not new on the coast but they are becoming more common and more intense under the pressures of climate change. Where the sea meets the land in coastal communities, developing good responses to the impending threats is vitally important.” 

Coastal Communities… At the Ready is produced by Dr. Charles with funding from MEOPAR, the Community Conservation Research Network (CCRN) and Saint Mary’s University.