Arctic ULINNIQ: Underwater listening network for novel investigations of quakes

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Institution: Dalhousie University
Theme: Environmental change
Area of Vulnerability: Coastal communities

Principal investigator

Mladen Nedimovic, Dalhousie University


John Gosse, Georges Wenzel


Cycle II

Atlantic and Arctic Canada lacks the scientific knowledge required to inform policies for coastal building, land use, and emergency measures, yet it is in a tsunami-prone region, as recently witnessed by the June 2017 devastating 100-m tsunami in Nuugaatsiaq, Western Greenland. The immediate goal is to determine the location, magnitude, frequency, and cause of submarine earthquakes and submarine or coastal landslides necessary to establish a tsunami risk for communities in northeastern Baffin Island. Consultation, feedback, and involvement of the project’s ultimate stakeholders, the citizens of Nunavut, will continue throughout the project to ensure the optimization of the methodologies and impacts of the results.