Investigating and informing Indigenous marine monitoring and management as climate change adaptation strategies

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Institution: University of Victoria
Theme: Environmental change, Human activity
Area of Vulnerability: Coastal communities, Marine ecosystems/living resources

Principal investigator

Natalie Ban, University of Victoria


Anne Salomon, Dana Lepofsky


Cycle II

In our changing world, we need novel approaches to inform holistic monitoring and management to adapt to climate change. Indigenous knowledge offers a different perspective on interconnected social-ecological systems. This research addresses a key gap in monitoring: linking social and ecological monitoring, and Indigenous knowledge and science, through interdisciplinary research and modeling. The research will develop an Indigenous-led social-ecological monitoring and modeling framework, benefiting not only our case study (the Gitga’at First Nation, north coast of British Columbia), but also enabling others to implement a similar approach. Our modeling and research on Indigenous management will advance our understanding of ecosystem resilience under climate change, enabling more informed adaptation responses in the future, thereby benefiting the Canadian environment and well-being of coastal communities.