Congratulations to the first recipients of the TREX Graduate Student Awards

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MEOPAR and Reseau Quebec Maritime are excited to announce the first round of recipients for our joint call for the Tracer Release Experiment (TReX) Graduate Student Awards. Starting this semester, the following students will contribute to TReX’s research activities with their projects.

Joshua Johannes Creelman A Masters student at Dalhousie University, Joshua will work with supervisor Vincent Sieben and co-advisor Dany Dumont on the project titled Simultaneous Absorption and Fluorescence Using an Inlaid Microfluidic Approach for Tracer Rhodamine Experiments in the Gulf-of-St. Lawrence.

Allison Sueyi Chua A PhD. student at Dalhousie University, Allison will work with supervisor Doug Wallace and co-advisor Cédric Chavanne on the project titled Tracking of rhodamine dye in a coastal estuary using autonomous and remotely operated underwater vehicle technology.

Samuel Stevens A PhD. Student at the University of British Columbia, Samuel will work with supervisor Rich Pawlowicz and co-advisor Cédric Chavanne on the project titled Measuring subsurface dispersion with inexpensive Lagrangian floats.

Congratulations to all involved!

But wait—there’s still time to apply…

MEOPAR and RQM are still welcoming applications for the TReX Graduate Student Awards for projects starting in the summer 2021 semester. Deadline to apply is February 15, 2021 at 5pm EST.  Check out full details on how to apply in English and French.

For further information on the awards or the TReX project, please contact Geneviève Lalonde (coordinator, RQM) or Isabelle Tremblay  (Research Program Manager, MEOPAR).