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Improved Canadian Arctic Sea Ice Thickness Estimates from Synthetic Aperture Radar Altimetry

By January 17, 2021January 20th, 2021No Comments
Institution: University of Manitoba
Theme: Environmental change
Area of Vulnerability: Marine industries

Principal investigator

Dr. Vishnu Nandan, University of Manitoba


Postdoctoral Fellowship Awards, cohort 1

The aim of this research is to produce a more accurate SIT product for the Canadian Arctic, utilizing SAR altimeter observations acquired by CryoSat-2 satellite and future satellite-based systems operating in the same radar frequency and imaging configuration. By engaging end-users, this project aims to enhance improved seasonal ice predicting capabilities from regional-scale ice prediction systems such as the CanSIPS and the PIOMAS, and provide inputs to upgraded operational sea ice charts to support safer shipping through ice-infested Canadian Arctic.