Improving marine drift and dispersion forecasts

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Institution: Université du Québec (à Rimouski)
Theme: Environmental change
Area of Vulnerability: Coastal communities, Marine ecosystems/living resources

Principal investigator

Dany Dumont, UQAR


Cycle II, Bridging the Gap/KTEE

This project builds on achievements realized during Cycle I trying to improve our understanding and ability to forecast surface drift. In partnership with the St. Lawrence Global Observatory (SLGO), the high-frequency radar (HFR) observations of surface currents will be made available to emergency responders through a mobile application. The application will allow users to compute and display surface drift trajectories on demand, which is critical in emergency situations. This application will also constitute a powerful educational tool for anyone interested in ocean dynamics. The team will also explore the feasibility of using sea surface temperature remote sensing data and surface drift forecasts to help fishermen collect floating algae and plastic debris.