Observing and Responding to Pressures on Arctic Marine Ecosystems

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Institution: University of Calgary
Theme: Environmental change, Human activity
Area of Vulnerability: Coastal communities, Marine ecosystems/living resources, Marine industries

Principal investigator

Brent Else, University of Calgary


CJ Mundy, Casey Hubert, Randall Scharien, Anna-Maira Hubert, Jean-Sebastien Moore


Cycle II, Bridging the Gap/KTEE

As Canada’s Arctic is changing, different people see different risks and opportunities. This project aims to reconcile those viewpoints, by bringing together diverse partners and an academic team with expertise in oceanography, meteorology, anthropology, microbiology, and legal studies, who can work collaboratively to develop observation and response strategies for the changing Arctic. The project builds on Dr. Else’s Irving project of the same name and will use contemporary social science methods to create an inventory of ecosystem services through community consultation and will investigate two potential pressures on ecosystem services – oil spills and ocean acidification. With a two-year extension, the project will also build a knowledge transfer mechanism which will target all key receptor groups.