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Laboratory Life

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While scientific findings are usually the focus of knowledge mobilization, this project focuses on the how of research. Dr. Max Liboiron’s Civic Laboratory for Environmental Action Research (CLEAR) is well-known for community-based science and dedication to equity, humility, and anticolonial relations in scientific practices. From how CLEAR determines author order in scientific papers to how they run a lab meeting, the lab’s methods are different than the average science lab. Most of these day-to-day methods do not appear in the methods sections of scientific papers, but in an internal lab book.

This MEOPAR-funded KM project, Laboratory Life, is a film adaption of CLEAR’s lab book, showing how CLEAR’s commitments to equity, humility, and anticolonialism look in the day-to-day life of the lab. This funding will also support the publication of an updated, annotated version of CLEAR’s lab book.


EPISODE 1: Equity in Author Order
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EPISODE 2: Choosing Lab Values
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