New opportunity: Response Core Training funding

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MEOPAR students, researchers and highly qualified personnel (HQP) are invited to apply for funding to organize and host training workshops related to the Response Core mandate. In the context of MEOPAR, “response” refers to the development of solutions to address the likelihood and/or consequences of marine-related hazards.

All training activities should align with the Response Core’s focus of assessing and addressing coastal community vulnerability and should deliver engagement and training workshops. Preference will be given to training activities that engage audiences beyond the academic community in creative and purposeful ways.

Please note the following Network outcomes should be considered:

  • Expansion of MEOPAR’s expert base and research capacity in the social sciences, law, policy, planning;
  • Facilitation of stakeholder engagement in order to mobilize the use of knowledge to reduce coastal and marine-related risks and develop effective solutions;
  • Strengthen the integration of social science and natural science research within MEOPAR;
  • Support MEOPAR project teams seeking to conduct training related to Response research

Who can Apply?
The RCT fund will support current researchers and students/HQP within the MEOPAR network. Applicants should be current or former network researchers or affiliated with a current MEOPAR supervisor.

Time Frame/Budget Allocation
MEOPAR had allocated $20,000 of its Response Core budget to support specialized training activities. MEOPAR will be reviewing applications on a rolling basis and is expecting to fund 1-5 projects this year.

Training Ideas
The following is an example of a training activity that would fit under the RCT fund.

  • Hiring someone to provide students with a new methodological training
    • Eligibility: Specialization, education, years of experience in that field
    • Frequency: Possibly have 3 sessions in a fiscal year – align with academic terms
    • Themed Training Series (e.g., Coastal Community Resilience)
    • Engage with MEOPeers for support/participation
    • Providing a certificate to students upon completion of the training workshop

Applications must be received by August 31, 2021.
All training activities must be completed, and expenses incurred, before March 31, 2022. Applicants will be notified of the review outcome via email with an expected turnaround of three weeks. Given the current circumstances surrounding COVID-19 and travel restrictions, we encourage the training activities to be conducted virtually, which lend themselves to remote working conditions.

Click here to download the application!